09 Jul 2018


The year 2019 will be a technological marvel. This is due to significant advancement in technology over the past decade. Most especially with the integration of smartphones and internet being part of our daily lives.2019 also offers a fresh start for some technological advancements that were slated to be unveiled

21 Aug 2017

5 Video Game Graphic Settings You Didn’t Know You Had Wrong

Game graphics settings differ with the type of PC you are using. Low settings are played by low-end PCs while Ultra 4K for high-end PCs. Here are 5 Video Game Graphic Settings You Didn’t Know You Had Wrong: Texture Quality: texture quality ensures images are less-blurry and sharper. The quality

25 Mar 2017

Ransomware Protection and the Corporate Landscape

Despite numerous warnings from cybersecurity pundits, several organizations that heavily rely on data in their operations still continue to be victims of ransomware. Therefore, in case of an attack, unprotected organizations risk losing access to critical electronic data/files thereby putting the entire business at risk. To confidently stay protected from

28 Sep 2016

Best Technology for Data Recovery

Today, the ubiquity of smart devices has caused many to undeniably surrounded by a plethora of data. With the current incursion of data handled on daily basis, there is an immediate danger if you lose your vital data by inadvertently deleting the most critical documents or other files. Luckily, is